Everyday I’ve been hearing and reading the news about the Ebola outbreak in Africa. I believe that the key to stopping most infectious diseases is educating people on proper sanitization. Examples: wash your hands daily, cover your mouth if you sneeze, and etc. As my doctor always says we must treat the cause and not the symptom.——Allen Mak
  每天我都聽到和看到關於非洲埃博拉疫情暴發的消息。我相信阻止如此嚴重傳染病的關鍵在於教授人們正確的衛生知識。例如:每天勤洗手,打噴嚏的時候遮住鼻口,等等。正如我的醫生常說我們應該預防勝於治療,防患於未然。  (原標題:Sanitization Education)


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